Green Mountain State

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Vermont is also known as the Green Mountain State.  Why?  Well, just take a look around– we are surrounded by hills, greenery, and our own Green Mountains.  And it is easy to see how the mountain range got its name; large areas are covered by lush forests.

Recently, fitness and healthy lifestyles have become more trendy, but how about taking a walk on the wild side?  A trip to Vermont could be right for you.  Forget running on a treadmill when you can explore the outdoors and do a variety of recreational activities that would most likely not be possible at home.

Fun things to do include (but are not limited to) activities such as hiking and visiting a variety of American historic monuments that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  Studies show that we actually burn a similar amount of calories when power walking and jogging.  So why not change up your pace and put a challenging incline to the mix?  There are two well-known easily accessible hiking trails available in the Green Mountains:  the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail.  When hiking, you can enjoy the bountiful nature around you for a relaxing afternoon.

If you are taking the family with you or are a fan of American history, then the Green Mountain area has so much for you to explore.  You could see Ford Ticonderoga, the Hildene, and the Bennington Battle Monument just to name a few.


What Makes a “Green” Hotel?

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Hotels and Inns most likely bring two completely different images in your mind.  A hotel is probably a bit building in the cities and suburbs where people are bustling.  An inn is a tranquil place of just chilling out and enjoying the view of the countryside, am I right?  But the title of being a green hotel extends to certified eco-friendly lodging.

There are many when it comes to the benefits of being a green hotel.  For you it means better health and better hospitality because it isn’t just you but also the staff and management that are on the up-and-up. It is no surprise that having health issues can cause unpleasant moods, but being better for the environment also can mean being cleaner for all.  Because we consciously focus on wasting less and preventing pollution, you don’t have to worry about all the extra germs floating around on food and surfaces– like a non-green hotel.

In order to reach for the stars in the world of hospitality, as a Green Hotel in the Green Mountain State, we requested an audit of our facility and environmental practices shortly after it was purchased another time in 2005. Based on that audit, we invested over $75,000 in improvements to this historic structure to make numerous changes, which exceeded the Green Mountain State’s requirements for attaining the Green Hotel certification, which we have maintained continually since 2006.  We were the first to get certified in Vermont, and are proud to be leaders in responsible hospitality and paving the way for sustainable living for future generations.