About our History

The Churchill family originally were New England farmers who came to Vermont for a new start.  In the early nineteenth century, they first began with building a small living space and mill along the Noshobe River.  Over time, they took in weary travelers, exhausted from the east-west trail from Rochester over the “Brandon Gap.”  After some success, using the lumber around them and their mill, they constructed this inn containing twenty rooms in 1871-1872.

This new addition proved to be quite exciting for the Churchills.  The average guest would come over from Rochester, have their grain milled, their horses stabled, and then have a hearty supper followed by a night of dancing. Early in the morning hours they would retire to bed and awaken to country breakfasts several hours later.  Eventually, when family obligations changed, the Churchills sold the inn as well as a small parcel of land in 1972. It was then modernized and renovated, and has since seen four innkeepers come and go.

We look forward to welcoming you to our country inn that is not only authentic, but also environmentally friendly.  Hope to see you soon!