Weird & Wacky Museums

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Even if you are not located near Vermont, the Green Mountain State, there are still lots of places out there that offer enriching experiences.  When the weather goes sour or last-minute interruptions cause our vacation plans to not fall through, there are still ways to see something you have never seen before.  Museums are not expensive and a great way to spend a day out on the town not too far from home.

But most kids will groan at the mention of museums because they think a trip there will be boring.  Can you really blame them?  When museum curators and directors are not interested in appealing and inspiring young minds, it is a perfect recipe for boredom and nothing learned that day.  But there are still a lot of weird and wacky museums that are trying to change the current narrative for our educational establishments; they can prove that learning is fun with unique and engaging content.

One of my personal favorites for both adults and children, is the TrickEye Museum as well as the Believe it or Not! museums.  Often, the displays from fun establishments like these challenge our perception and our five senses.  You and your group will for sure have fun with hands-on learning and enrichment this season when you explore unique museums.

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