Bed and Breakfast Playlist

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If you somehow found yourself at this blog, chances are you have visited a historical inn or green hotel before.  From our experience, there is nothing better in the Green Mountain state, than to wake up, see the beautiful orange sunrise come up over the mountains, and get ready with a hearty breakfast and carefully chosen playlist.  Setting some of your favorite songs to your morning routine can help you get the right start to your day.

It is no wonder that music can be used for therapeutic relief and learning it has a similar mental benefit to trying to learn a new language.  Many studies show that there is a positive correlation between one’s mood and focus, and his or her enjoyment of music on a regular basis.  Now, we can not say that one thing directly causes another, but it is clear that there is a connection.  There is no shortage nowadays of folks who find the right playlist to start the workday, but what about the playlists for our more relaxed mornings on our days off from the job?

If you get the chance to experience a morning in Vermont, may we suggest some acoustic guitar music?  Normally, a recording on a nylon-string guitar for solo songs would be the best, but in this case we believe that steel strings would actually be better.  Especially when the performer uses the tapping technique with an electric-acoustic or hollow body, the crispness of the notes creates a beautiful harmony with our exquisite mountain ranges.

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