Honey Dippers and their Name

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What better way to kick off your extended holiday weekend, than with a party or reunion with your family and friends somewhere out of town.  Or better yet, at a cottage or beach house.  Who would want to bring the crazy form of fun into their own home?  A small dwelling while not as comfortable, is usually the way to go when it comes to less area to clean up and giving your loved ones a place to crash so they do not drink and drive.

But when a large family or party group ends up using a single restroom with a small septic tanks, the results can be disastrous.  Old homes are especially prone to getting into poopy situations because of outdated components in the plumbing.  For instance, if the place you are vacationing to has older pipes, they are probably smaller.  For you, this means no flushing feminine products down the toilet, and watching what you eat.  The thinner diameter of water flow means that clogs and overfilling can happen more easily than usual.

So, if things do go wrong there is a solution.  If you know that your problem is an overfilled septic tank, then you can call the honey dippers.  The name for these technicians is quite deceiving, as no honey or food products are ever involved.  These professionals instead come to your home or business with a powerful hose, ready to empty your sewage and transport it to a location where it can be responsibly taken care of.

If you aren’t sure what your plumbing needs are, it is best then to phone a plumber first.  If you are going to be in Illinois anytime soon, maybe you are visiting the Chicago area and then moving your group to a calmer location for the rest of the weekend?  If you need help, you are better off safe than sorry by getting in touch with http://www.palatineplumber.org/

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