First Steps to Organizing a Reunion

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We’ve already discussed some of the safety tips you can take to ensure children are safe during a family reunion.  But how do you go about getting everyone together in the first place?  And what activities or locations should you choose?  We hope to give you a few pointers for your next reunion.

The first step is choosing who to invite.  This part is entirely up to you– are you picking descendants of Grandpa Jim or your whole maternal side?  Consider the amount of people coming and how that will play into foods available.  Especially if there are more than twelve people, we would advise doing a potluck, buying snacks in bulk, or consulting a catering service.  If you want to go cheap and fresh, many casual restaurants such as fried chicken joints or Chinese-American restaurants offer party tray options for crowd pleasing on a budget.

Another factor to consider is how you will go about inviting everyone.  It was once normal to invite people by snail mail, and we still would suggest doing this as insurance; however, nowadays there are many online resources that can help you easily gather up the family.  Many social media websites such as Facebook have event creation capabilities, in which you could invite relatives to attend.  Google calendar is a great option as well, especially since setting up a google account is fairly easy for someone newer to email.

You now know how to get started on this season’s family reunion.  Stay tuned for more tips!

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