Growing Green Onions in your House

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Personal at-home gardens and farmers markets are becoming the go-to option for millennials and their families as cooking is quickly becoming America’s next past time.  But not all of us are so lucky to have are own outdoor gardening space.  Urban gardens are not yet available to all areas, and even then, they are often completely booked up and require a rental fee.  But there are a number of vegetables that can be grown indoors.

Scallions are a great addition to any dish, especially when they are fresh.  They have a milder flavor in comparison to regular onions and have an extra added health benefit:  like garlic, this member of the allium family of vegetables has elements that have a correlation to reduced numbers of free radicals (that can cause damage to our cells.)

No seeds or big purchases required for this simple home grow.  To get yourself started on growing green onions, just purchase a bunch of them, wrap with a rubber band, and place in a glass of water.  While you wait for roots to double in size and new shoots to appear (in about ten days,) change the water everyday and buy soil (nothing special) and a smaller self-draining pot.

To care for your scallions, plant them and make sure waterings are even throughout the soil.  Keep the plant in a warm and sunny windowsill, and just wait until they grow to about 6 inches.  Then, you can harvest and enjoy this great kitchen staple.

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