Green Mountain State

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Vermont is also known as the Green Mountain State.  Why?  Well, just take a look around– we are surrounded by hills, greenery, and our own Green Mountains.  And it is easy to see how the mountain range got its name; large areas are covered by lush forests.

Recently, fitness and healthy lifestyles have become more trendy, but how about taking a walk on the wild side?  A trip to Vermont could be right for you.  Forget running on a treadmill when you can explore the outdoors and do a variety of recreational activities that would most likely not be possible at home.

Fun things to do include (but are not limited to) activities such as hiking and visiting a variety of American historic monuments that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  Studies show that we actually burn a similar amount of calories when power walking and jogging.  So why not change up your pace and put a challenging incline to the mix?  There are two well-known easily accessible hiking trails available in the Green Mountains:  the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail.  When hiking, you can enjoy the bountiful nature around you for a relaxing afternoon.

If you are taking the family with you or are a fan of American history, then the Green Mountain area has so much for you to explore.  You could see Ford Ticonderoga, the Hildene, and the Bennington Battle Monument just to name a few.

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