Urban historical buildings need master services.

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One of the first things others usually notice about historical buildings aside from their unparalleled beauty, is that modern plumbing procedures may not work as well as they would on recently constructed businesses or houses.  Heck, they might not even have air conditioning with air ducts and reliable heating.  You may not be visiting Vermont, the Green Mountain State, anytime soon.  However, there are some other historical inns beside the one that was originally owned by the Churchills, and many urban areas like Chicago or Detroit still have plenty of scenic historic buildings that need special attention when it comes to plumbing and sewers.

If an old and weathered building even has indoor plumbing (some have out houses,) there is a good chance the pipes and fixtures are worn down as well.  We recommend calling the professionals like Chicago Sewer Rescue, for this very reason.  Did you know that often those old types of pipes will have a smaller diameter as well?  This means that things we would normally flush down the toilet, such as monthly-use products or multi ply toilet paper, could most definitely create clogs.  Worn out or poor quality back flow fixtures could also cause a reversal in flow, bringing in contaminated water from things like sewers and drainage from dishwashers or clothes washers, and no one wants dirty water. We also like using lead generation marketing by ILeads



Weird & Wacky Museums

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Even if you are not located near Vermont, the Green Mountain State, there are still lots of places out there that offer enriching experiences.  When the weather goes sour or last-minute interruptions cause our vacation plans to not fall through, there are still ways to see something you have never seen before.  Museums are not expensive and a great way to spend a day out on the town not too far from home.

But most kids will groan at the mention of museums because they think a trip there will be boring.  Can you really blame them?  When museum curators and directors are not interested in appealing and inspiring young minds, it is a perfect recipe for boredom and nothing learned that day.  But there are still a lot of weird and wacky museums that are trying to change the current narrative for our educational establishments; they can prove that learning is fun with unique and engaging content.

One of my personal favorites for both adults and children, is the TrickEye Museum as well as the Believe it or Not! museums.  Often, the displays from fun establishments like these challenge our perception and our five senses.  You and your group will for sure have fun with hands-on learning and enrichment this season when you explore unique museums.


Family-Friendly Flicks When Touring with Kids

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Ah!  Nothing is more relaxing as an adult in the working world, than the freedom of the open road when you manage to get some time off.  You plan on a nice, long car ride of peace and quiet until the dreaded questioning starts:  “Hey Mom/Dad, are we there yet?”

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than getting asked this question every ten minutes when you just want some calm time to yourself; it can be tempting to give them anything in order to stop asking the same question over and over.  But just handing your children your phone or other electronic hand-held device, and just letting them access whatever content is available, probably is not the most responsible choice.

Although vacations should be time reserved only for us, the truth is that when you are a parent or guardian, you have already made the decision to put someone else’s well-being before yours at all costs.  But with free software being as accessible as it is in today’s digital age, preparing family-friendly movies before your planned trip should save your young ones from getting too bored on the journey.  Always pre-watch movies with more mature ratings, and you can even edit or censor parts yourself with easy video editing software pre-installed with a lot of systems.


Historical Building Home Improvement

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Lots of folks nowadays only seem to to live in new buildings or apartments because of the free amenities that are open to use for tenant members.  Not everyone wants to deal with the maintenance work associated with your own home and all its separate utilities, especially those who spend more time outside of home.

But there are lots of rewarding attributes to historical inns or buildings.  One of our favorite aspects is the architecture.  Nothing is more boring than driving through a typical suburb where all the condos or homes look alike.  It makes you wonder how anyone new to the area can even find where home is!  Although a place with old flair will most likely be more work to fix up, you will be happy with its charm and beauty.

The biggest setbacks that people often have when fixing up an older house, are the electrical, plumbing, and heat/cool systems.  When you decide to purchase old house real estate, chances are it will not come with all of these things already updated and renovated.  Some folks who may be looking to save are often dismayed to find that all their pipes need replacing and that if an unexperienced person takes care of the job, it often leads to more and more built up plumbing issues.  We encourage potential tenants to explore the parts of the plumbing system that are nor readily visible before going ahead and making a purchase.  Hiring professional quality honey dipper or plumbing teams, such as Mt. Prospect Plumber, can ensure the job is taken care of correctly the first time.

Electrical systems often give people just as hard of a time, especially when tenants have plans to add more features for easy accessibility that was not possible at first upon the house’s construction.  Consider contacting the experts first for the more complicated jobs.



Furry Family Members & Lodging

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Anytime that you have to go visit your relatives and cross over the county lines to get there, chances are, you will have to stay either with someone you know or find separate lodging.  Although everyone else around you might be caught up in what type of Christmas gift they plan on purchasing for their significant other when the reunions come around every year.  But for a growing number of millennials in the United States, the concern is shifting to transporting their unwilling home-body cat or rambunctious puppy to your hometown.  On top of that, it can be difficult to find lodging that will be peaceful, but still allow animals.

We recommend always planning ahead of time for this reason.  Just like children, cats and dogs are living individuals who require our care, and it is up to us to be aware of how they are affected more easily by motion sickness as well as environmental changes.  Why else do so many of them tend to be so scared of thunderstorms?  Our furry family members often have more sensitive hearing, smell, and cats have skin sensitivity that far surpasses a human’s.

If you choose to go the other route and seek lodging for your animal companion during the holidays, be aware that high traffic or high volume business times are not going to yield a peaceful or pleasant stay.  When businesses are packed to full capacity, it creates a high stress environment for both the animals and the people providing the lodging service.


Bed and Breakfast Playlist

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If you somehow found yourself at this blog, chances are you have visited a historical inn or green hotel before.  From our experience, there is nothing better in the Green Mountain state, than to wake up, see the beautiful orange sunrise come up over the mountains, and get ready with a hearty breakfast and carefully chosen playlist.  Setting some of your favorite songs to your morning routine can help you get the right start to your day.

It is no wonder that music can be used for therapeutic relief and learning it has a similar mental benefit to trying to learn a new language.  Many studies show that there is a positive correlation between one’s mood and focus, and his or her enjoyment of music on a regular basis.  Now, we can not say that one thing directly causes another, but it is clear that there is a connection.  There is no shortage nowadays of folks who find the right playlist to start the workday, but what about the playlists for our more relaxed mornings on our days off from the job?

If you get the chance to experience a morning in Vermont, may we suggest some acoustic guitar music?  Normally, a recording on a nylon-string guitar for solo songs would be the best, but in this case we believe that steel strings would actually be better.  Especially when the performer uses the tapping technique with an electric-acoustic or hollow body, the crispness of the notes creates a beautiful harmony with our exquisite mountain ranges.


Honey Dippers and their Name

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What better way to kick off your extended holiday weekend, than with a party or reunion with your family and friends somewhere out of town.  Or better yet, at a cottage or beach house.  Who would want to bring the crazy form of fun into their own home?  A small dwelling while not as comfortable, is usually the way to go when it comes to less area to clean up and giving your loved ones a place to crash so they do not drink and drive.

But when a large family or party group ends up using a single restroom with a small septic tanks, the results can be disastrous.  Old homes are especially prone to getting into poopy situations because of outdated components in the plumbing.  For instance, if the place you are vacationing to has older pipes, they are probably smaller.  For you, this means no flushing feminine products down the toilet, and watching what you eat.  The thinner diameter of water flow means that clogs and overfilling can happen more easily than usual.

So, if things do go wrong there is a solution.  If you know that your problem is an overfilled septic tank, then you can call the honey dippers.  The name for these technicians is quite deceiving, as no honey or food products are ever involved.  These professionals instead come to your home or business with a powerful hose, ready to empty your sewage and transport it to a location where it can be responsibly taken care of.

If you aren’t sure what your plumbing needs are, it is best then to phone a plumber first.  If you are going to be in Illinois anytime soon, maybe you are visiting the Chicago area and then moving your group to a calmer location for the rest of the weekend?  If you need help, you are better off safe than sorry by getting in touch with http://www.palatineplumber.org/


First Steps to Organizing a Reunion

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We’ve already discussed some of the safety tips you can take to ensure children are safe during a family reunion.  But how do you go about getting everyone together in the first place?  And what activities or locations should you choose?  We hope to give you a few pointers for your next reunion.

The first step is choosing who to invite.  This part is entirely up to you– are you picking descendants of Grandpa Jim or your whole maternal side?  Consider the amount of people coming and how that will play into foods available.  Especially if there are more than twelve people, we would advise doing a potluck, buying snacks in bulk, or consulting a catering service.  If you want to go cheap and fresh, many casual restaurants such as fried chicken joints or Chinese-American restaurants offer party tray options for crowd pleasing on a budget.

Another factor to consider is how you will go about inviting everyone.  It was once normal to invite people by snail mail, and we still would suggest doing this as insurance; however, nowadays there are many online resources that can help you easily gather up the family.  Many social media websites such as Facebook have event creation capabilities, in which you could invite relatives to attend.  Google calendar is a great option as well, especially since setting up a google account is fairly easy for someone newer to email.

You now know how to get started on this season’s family reunion.  Stay tuned for more tips!


Sharing Laundry Space with Others

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There seems to be a huge lifestyle trend shift amongst millennials.  Many of them would claim that their plan is to never get married, have a cat or dog, and rent an apartment forever.  But it is not too hard to see what had caused this change in what is considered normal living space.

After the home ownership market depreciated in value, lots of folks had to change their lifestyles.  Home ownership is just not as feasible of an affordable option for many Americans now when compared to renting property.  Whether you are renting a house or an apartment, keep in mind that there will almost always be neighbors; and that there will definitely be a land lord to answer to.  Learning how to share space with others can be difficult to acclimate to at first, but here are some tips to help with transitioning.

Keep in mind that this post does not give advice for roommates (but let us know if you would like some pointers on it.)  There are many things to learn if you are new to living in apartments, condos, townhouses, or close-in-proximity bungalows.

If your building has shared laundry, then make sure to remove your load promptly and always clean the lint filters.  Although your neighbors may not be courteous, keep in mind that the land lord may not call a repairman right away if a machine overheats and needs to be fixed.  Also make sure to not use detergents with strong-smelling chemicals, as these (when used in excess as they often are) will cause blockage in washing machines.



Growing Green Onions in your House

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Personal at-home gardens and farmers markets are becoming the go-to option for millennials and their families as cooking is quickly becoming America’s next past time.  But not all of us are so lucky to have are own outdoor gardening space.  Urban gardens are not yet available to all areas, and even then, they are often completely booked up and require a rental fee.  But there are a number of vegetables that can be grown indoors.

Scallions are a great addition to any dish, especially when they are fresh.  They have a milder flavor in comparison to regular onions and have an extra added health benefit:  like garlic, this member of the allium family of vegetables has elements that have a correlation to reduced numbers of free radicals (that can cause damage to our cells.)

No seeds or big purchases required for this simple home grow.  To get yourself started on growing green onions, just purchase a bunch of them, wrap with a rubber band, and place in a glass of water.  While you wait for roots to double in size and new shoots to appear (in about ten days,) change the water everyday and buy soil (nothing special) and a smaller self-draining pot.

To care for your scallions, plant them and make sure waterings are even throughout the soil.  Keep the plant in a warm and sunny windowsill, and just wait until they grow to about 6 inches.  Then, you can harvest and enjoy this great kitchen staple.